Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in young males

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in young males

Erection issues affect all men at some point, they just don’t usually talk about it. By 2025, the number of ED cases worldwide is expected to reach 322 million.

What is Erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as a consistent or recurrent inability to attain and/or maintain penile erection sufficient for sexual satisfaction.

Can you have ED in your 20s?

It’s less common for younger men to have erectile dysfunction than older men. Still, even those in their 20s can experience erectile dysfunction. In fact, a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that one in four men diagnosed with ED is a young man.

Contributing factors to ED

  • having anxietydepression, or feelings of shame or guilt about sexual activity
  • experiencing significant stress, about sex or something else
  • smoking
  • drinking alcohol in excess
  • using recreational drugs
  • having overweight or obesity
  • having a lack of physical activity
  • using workout supplements, testosterone boosters,

What steps can one take to prevent erectile dysfunction?

  • Quit smoking- Smoking is linked to heart and blood vessel disease NIH external link, which can lead to ED. Even when heart and blood vessel disease and other possible causes of ED are taken into account, smoking still increases the chances that you will have ED.


  • Follow a healthy eating plan-To help maintain erectile function, choose whole-grain foods, low-fat dairy foods, fruits and vegetables, and lean meats. Avoid foods high in fat, especially saturated fat, and sodium. Follow a healthy eating plan to help aim for a healthy weight, and control your blood pressureand diabetes. Controlling your blood pressure and diabetes may help prevent ED.
  • Maintain a healthy weight to prevent diabetes and high blood pressure- Maintaining a healthy weight also can help delay the start of diabetes and keep your blood pressure down. Talk with your doctor about how to prevent diabetes—or manage the disease if you already have it. Get regular checkups to measure your blood pressure.


  • Undertake a Priapus shot- The P-Shot involves taking platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood and injecting it into your penis. This means your doctor takes your own cells and tissues and injects them into your penile tissues to promote tissue growth and purportedly give you better erections.


  • Be physically active- Physical activity increases blood flow through your body, including the penis. Talk with a healthcare professional before starting new activities. Beginners should start slow, with easier activities such as walking at a normal pace or gardening. You can gradually work up to harder activities, such as walking briskly or swimming.


  • Invest in a penile pump to aid in keeping an erection. Penile pumps are known to help with erectile dysfunction. The device is used to suction blood into the penis to help achieve and maintain an erection.


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